Thursday, May 3, 2007

More activities in Carqueiranne.

Aside from riding a police bike and having fun in the little pool, my little pie had fun exploring the house too. She was opening drawers, trying to push open doors, cruising around from room to room using a makeshift walker (aka plastic stool)... It was wonderful that she had all the space to move around.

Being caught red handed trying to ransack her Mamou's drawer.

"Opps Mummy!"
"Errrr. What shall I do next?"
"Maybe try to push open this door..."

"Aha! I'll use this chair to make my way across the room"

"No. It wasn't me nor mummy who did whatever you think we did. :p"

Finally, asleep in my arms after all the playing and exploring.

She also enjoyed being taken out daily by her Mamou. She would be taken out in the stroller to the beach, the port, the supermarket etc.

Here's a lovely picture of her and her Mamou.

I think she is relatively ready to spend the next week here without her mummy and papa. I'm the one who is a little apprehensive but I know she will be well taken care of. The first couple of days that we are here, she was a little difficult when it comes to the night routine. It is getting better now though we will be adjusting some of the routine while she is here. We will be giving her the bath in the day instead of the evening as part of her "put to bed" routine as she has proven to be more cranky and resistant to taking her bath in an unfamiliar environment. Other than that, I am not worried about anything. She has spent the entire afternoon without us while we went out and has been a darling with her Mamou.

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