Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big girl bed!

Yes! She made the move from her cot to the single bed last night. It was a little harder getting her to go to bed (took 2 hrs instead of the normal 15-30mins bedtime routine of lying in bed chatting about the day, telling her a few stories, singing to her and finally leaving the room while she is still awake) but I guess it is all working out. She woke up once at about 3.30am last night and Etienne went to her to help her get back to sleep and that was it. I found her awake (calling out to me) at about 8am in the big girl bed.

Tonight it was about the same. Harder then usual to get her to sleep but after an hour, I decided it was time to leave the room. She cried a little on and off, called out "Mummy mummy" several times but eventually I believe she felt asleep after about 30 mins. I will check on her later and update on the progress.

We did ask her if she want to sleep in the big bed or the little bed (cot) and she choose the big bed. If it goes well for the next few days, we'll dismantle the cot this weekend and use that space for all the new toys I bought her for her coming birthday. Weeeeeee.

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