Friday, March 28, 2008

A tent, a fall and some others...

Laetitia is in love with her new tent. We set it up so that it is nice with a mat, some toys, some pillows and of course some of her stuff toys. She occasionally brings her doll, Marion inside together with some books to read. It's the first place she wants to go into when she wakes up in the morning and she spends quite a lot of her time in and out of it. Here's some photos from the first day after it was set up.

Two days ago, she suffered her first nasty fall. She tripped and fell onto the door of our neighbour. The thing about our front doors in this apartment is that there is a little piping design and she happened to fall exactly against the piping on her forehead. I did not see how she fell as my back was towards her. All I saw was the immediately after effect! The spot she hit on her forehead started to swell immediately. That kind of scared me. I took her back inside, tried to calm her down but it did not work. I quickly looked for the gel that is for bruises/contusions etc and managed to apply some on her. To distract her, I told her we're calling her papa (which was also for me to verify with Etienne if it was normal or if I need to go see a doc). Yes I am a bit of a panic freak. Well, after being reassured and Laetitia all calmed by talking on the phone to her papa, we set off to the daycare (which was where we were heading in the first place). When I picked her up in the evening, the caregivers told me that she actually recounted the story of her falling to them (including me applying the cream and calling her papa). What a little chatterbox.

And about her being a chatterbox, this morning I asked her to "ask papa for a diaper please" and she turned around, shouted (as her papa was in the bathroom) "papa, la couche sil tu plait". She is slowly getting better with speaking in English. I believe it has to do with the fact that I had stopped working and she gets at least 3-4 hours of English a day with me.

Here are some photos of her with her shades. It's her third pair and I bought 2 pairs at one go as she already broke 2 other pairs.

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