Saturday, March 15, 2008

Breakfast conversations

Some friends asked if I can have a conversation with Laetitia and I guess I could. Everynight, I try to lay in bed with her for 10 mins or so and have a little chat about her day. Anyways, this is a little part of our breakfast conversation this morning as an example.

Mummy: "Do you want some chocolate cake?" (I made some chocolate cake two days ago)
Laetitia: "Yes. I want to share avec Mummy."
Mummy: "You want to share with Mummy?"
Laetitia: "I want to share with Mummy. Le même chocolate à Sylvie." (She do get some of her articles in French wrong)
Mummy: "Okay. You want the same chocolate cake that Sylvie had."

I bring the chocolate cake and she chooses one of the pieces I cut.

Laetitia: "Laetitia make big mess avec les doigts. Mummy, nettoyer les doigts et mains"
Mummy: "Oh, you made a big mess with your fingers. You want Mummy to clean your fingers and hands."
Laetitia: "Le bavoir et pantalon aussi."
Mummy: "We'll clean the bib and pants later."
Laetitia: "Encore du chocolate."
Mummy: "Here is another piece of chocolate cake."
Laetitia: "Merci Mummy."
Mummy: "Thank you Mummy. Is the chocolate cake nice?"
Laetitia: "Yes."
Mummy: "Do you like it?"
Laetitia: "Yes."

And of she goes on to eat another 2 small pieces. And was singing along to her children songs vcd. Right now her favourite for the morning is "Rain Rain go away". I think I replayed it probably 5-10 times!

Oh yes, as from the example above, much much reinforcement, she does speak English to me when she is not as comfortable with the vocabulary used in French. I guess neither Etienne nor the daycare uses "big mess" and "share" too often.

And since I have not post many photos in the last couple of post, here goes.

Enjoying her first smoked salmon sandwich for lunch. I served that with some prawns and salad. She loved the salmon and prawns but is not too keen on the salad. Whatever. :p

This was taken as she was healing from the chicken pox. It was after about 2 weeks. The marks are still healing right now.

This is her big bed that she has been sleeping on for the last 4 nights.

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