Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Laetitia!

My little girl is three today! We had a weekend of celebration for her. Yesterday we went to Koony Parc with our friends Ivana and Kevin and their little girl, Isabelle. Both the little ones had such a great time and I suppose the parents too. Laetitia is now able to go on the big structure all by herself. At one point we even lost her inside! Well, not really lost lost but rather we could not figure out which part of the structure she was at. Here's some action shots.

Up inside the big structure.

Coming down the slide with Isabelle and Uncle Kevin.

And this morning, right after she got up, it was time to open her presents. First off, the card and present from her grandparents.

Next papa's present.

Tati Manu's presents.

We kept my present for her for tea time as we felt she was overwhelmed with gifts. I got her some puzzles.

And then there is cake time!

Tonight we are having dinner at Jean's as it is also Jacqueline's birthday and tomorrow, she will have another party at the daycare.

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Ivana said...

Happy Birthday Lae! I love your costumes!