Sunday, July 9, 2006

First back to belly flip!

Yesterday night I noticed that Laetitia was almost on her belly and was telling Etienne she might just make the flip. We waited for a while before giving up as we were rushing to go over to Philippe's place for dinner. Before we left, I captured some shots of her trying really hard to turn onto her belly. Allez Laetitia! Allez Allez!

This is considerably fast progress as I had mentioned in this post that she was starting to make the effort and was 1/2 to 3/4 of the way. And this morning after her 7am feed, I put her back in her cot and switch on her hanging mobile. Normally, by the time the mobile has gone through 3 cycles (me switching it on again after it goes off using the remote control from the guest bed in her room), she would fall asleep. However, this morning, by the third cycle, I was still hearing her legs knocking against the sides of the bed so I got out of the bed and saw this!!!

This mummy, though all tired and sleepy, had the good sense to go grab the camera and take the commemorative moment! YEAH LAETITIA!


Anonymous said...

bravo!!! laetitia. tu es intelligente!!

aunty elin

Anonymous said...

YEAH indeed! Another milestone reached by the lovely Lae!