Sunday, August 6, 2006

A baby is hurt through her mummy's carelessness.

Yes, the baby is Laetitia and the mummy is me. I'm so sorry my darling baby. Mummy was careless.

In yesterday's post that I made in the early afternoon, I mentioned that Laetitia has learnt to turn from belly to back which means that she can literally move from one place to another. Well, you would think that I will probably be more careful since my precious child is getting a little more mobile. But NO!

So, yesterday afternoon we went grocery shopping and then arranged to have the grocery delivered. After that, we went home. While waiting for the grocery to be delivered, I was playing with Laetitia on the gymini as usual. The gymini is always placed on my bed so that it would be nice and comfy for her to lay on. As per before, I would leave her occasionally on the bed by herself (with two pillows around the sides of the gymini). This time however, when the delivery man arrived, she was playing towards the bottom of the gymini and was on her belly. Well, I went to open the door and attended to the groceries after that. As I was about to put the last item into the cabinet in the kitchen, I heard my little baby's cry. I went into the room thinking that she is probably in a funny position or getting bored when I saw an empty bed! My heart immediately sank and I ran across to the other side of the bed where my poor little bundle is on the floor crying her little heart out. I rushed to carry her and held her close to me. She was crying and I think I was crying too. I kept telling her "Mummy is sorry". I can't believe that I let her fall off the bed. Yes, it's my fault. I should have been more vigilant. The best part is Etienne has been reminding me time and time again to not leave her alone on the bed since she first learnt to turn from back to belly and yet I never heed his advice. And the result is, my little princess fell off the bed and it's my fault.

I was trying to calm her down and at the same time check where she was hurt. When she finally stopped crying, I saw that the right side of her face was red and there was a bump on the top right corner of her head. The next thought was to call Etienne and let him know. Thank God for a wonderful hubby who is calm and loving. He did not chide me nor was upset. He asked me to take care of our baby and he would be home immediately to go to the children hospital emergency together. He explained that it is just precautionary and it's good to let the doctor check that everything is okay with our darling.

By the time he came home, Laetitia was back to her normal behaviour, laughing and smiling while I played with her. In any case, we decided that we should still go to the hospital and have her checked.

Everything went well at the hospital. The doctor said she was fine and gave us a list of things to look out for during the following 48hours. We also had to wake her up every three hours during the night (when she sleeps) to make sure that she is well (e.g. does not fall unconscious). My poor baby, not only did she hurt herself, she had to be disturbed every three hours from her sleep. If only her mummy had been more careful.


Anonymous said...

oh dear! I am so sorry! But I am sure she will be perfectly fine after these 48 hours. You can make sure she naps longer in the afternoon to catch up on the interupted sleep... Big Kisses to you both. (yes, mummy also needs a kiss after that big scare)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a scare u must have had! but dun be so tough on yourself! you are doing a WONDERFUL job and it's so evident your baby girl loves you :)

Jia you!