Saturday, September 30, 2006

6 months ago....

Six months ago, the most adorable little baby came into the lives of two persons who were (and still are) deeply in love. This little baby is now SIX months old. This little baby is growing into the cutest little munchkin who brings an enormous amount of joy and happiness into the lives of her parents. This little baby is my precious Laetitia.

This month there is no regular doctor's visit therefore we do not have an exact measurement of her weigh and length but she is about 7kgs. She has definitely doubled her birth weight.

New things she started doing over the course of this month:-
1) Sit with some assistance
2) Recognise certain things (her face would light up when I start reciting from her favourite book)
3) Play peekaboo (she would pull the clothe that covers her face/eyes away)
4) Rake with fingers an object and pick it up
5) Start to object/cry when I leave her (separation anxiety)

She is slowly adjusting to being in the garderie. We met with a little re-adaptation issue during the start of the week as she was sick last week and missed 2 days. However, aside from the first day where she was relatively difficult (lots of crying and was visibly upset), the next two days went much better. She could be calmed by the caregivers and would finish her food when she is fed by them. More importantly, she recognises the caregivers and would not be crying when I leave.

Here is a picture of my little one in her garderie (with one of the other children).

And here's one with her mummy. :)

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