Saturday, September 2, 2006

First taste of vegetables

For dinner, Laetitia was given a small serving of "Pommes de terre courgettes" which is potatos with zucchini. It was funny watching her taste new food. I wished I had prepared the camera like before but I didn't. What a waste. She had the "what in the world is this that you put in my mouth" look! Then the "yikes" look before finally swallowing it. It took a couple of spoonfuls for her to decide that it was not too bad after all.

Now is the start of actual solids! I bought little pots of carrots as well. However, she will try each food for four days before I introduce something new.

Onto something slightly disgusting, I did notice that her poo is a little smellier since she started on cereals, I'm sure it will be even more gross from now on!

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