Sunday, September 10, 2006

MY daughter loves vegetables!?!

Can she really be my daughter?

I HATE HATE HATE vegetables. My mum used to force me to eat them and I remember pretending to chew it and hiding them in my cheeks for 10 minutes before pretending to go to the toilet to spit them ALL out. I would also sit patiently infront of a bowl of noodles or fried rice to carefully pick out all the bean sprouts or green peas or whatever ugly green or orangey (carrots) things in my dish. And what do I have here? A vegetable loving baby! She would happily gobble down carrots puree and even spinach!

It was wierd as before I feed her, I normally check the temperature of the food on my hand and taste it. I had a small (very small) drop on pureed spinach today and was thinking to myself, "YUCKS"! It tasted horrible. Well, to me at least. But in any case, I try to pretend that it was yummy and acted enthusastic about it and the funny thing was, Lae Lae loves it. She was happily opening her mouth for more. Maybe babies have warped taste buds! I tried the apple pureed which, in my opinion, was quite delicious but she did not enjoy it very much. And this yucky green slimy poo looking vegetable puree? She loved it.

I told her papa over the phone (he is in Toronto now, leaving me and Lae Lae alone again) and he was so pleased saying how she is like him.... blablabla... loves vegetables... blablabla... Well, guess she has his taste bud genes. Good for her as she will be eating healthier and more balance meals than her mummy.

Anyways, I did a little photo diary of her.... here goes...

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