Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Papa is back.

Etienne has been away in Toronto for the last 4 days. Before he left for his trip, he was so busy at work that he hardly got to see Laetitia. By the time he came home from work, she was sleeping and sometimes she was still sleeping when he leaves for work in the morning. Her papa missed her very much and I'm sure she misses her papa too.

Although he arrived back in Paris today at about 10am and got home around 12.30pm, he had to rush back to work. So, he tried his best to come home a little earlier to spend some time with Lae Lae before I get her ready for her bath (part of the night sleep routine). He was so happy that he managed to get home at the same time as us (we were coming back from the garderie). He spent some fun time playing with his little precious one.

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