Friday, May 25, 2007

First unaided steps

In the last couple of days, Laetitia has been taking a few unaided steps when she is totally unware of it. This happens either when she is excited or is thinking that she is being held. However, when she knows that we are not holding her hand, she is very apprehensive about walking by herself. I guess it is totally understandable as it IS something new for her. Anyways, we as parents are eagerly awaiting the day when she would just pick herself up and walk! And I reckon that it should not be too long. :-) If anyone has any unconventional ideas to help her walk faster, I'm all ears. I say unconventional as I believe we have tried most methods.

On a side note, here's my baby with her newly styled hair, the MOHAWK!


Anonymous said...

hey sandra,
jiaxin here. i'm back at home in sg. didn't know your email so i left the msg here. nice hairstyle for laetitia! her hair seemed to have grown a little more! I was looking through her younger photos and she really has changed. prettier n prettier. anyway, josianne is also born in march, 21st. her EDD was 24 march, tho i wanted to give birth on 23rd, coz it was my birthday :) hope to see the 3 of you in sg soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi JiaXin,

We will definitely get in touch when we get to Singapore. Would LOVE to see Josianne. :-)