Saturday, March 22, 2008

Laetitia's coming birthday

So yes, Laetitia's 2nd birthday is coming and I have most of her presents bought! I learnt my lesson from Christmas. If I do not buy it while I see it, they might be out of stock when I decide it's the time to buy AND remain out of stock for the next 2 months! Hah, well, I did "save" some of the ideas from Christmas though and use them for her birthday. So far we have bought and wrapped the Tefal kitchen, a few sticker books (as she is really into them currently), clothes for her doll, a bubbles making set, large wooden beading pearls and some cute clothes for her. On top of that her grandparents are getting her some DVDs/CDs, her aunt got her a cleaning set with brushes, mops and a vacuum.

And I have also been very busy baking baking and baking. I have huge plans about making her a castle cake and I had baked three different cakes so far to attempt to attain the "perfect chocolate cake", moist, soft and chocolatey. I think I am there with the cake now and it's time to work on the icing and decorations.

I have received queries on what to get her for her birthday so here are some ideas. Personally, we made a choice not to do parties for her because I do not want her to be overwhelmed with gifts. She is already very spoiled by her immediate family. But I do understand some of our close friends and family who are not here in France with us would like to get her something so that is why I am posting some ideas. And the attached pictures are only examples and NO she does not need a 20euros umbrella. I think that is a big waste of money to be truthful, even half that price seems a bit much.

1) A kid's umbrella.
2) An inflatable chair for going out.
3) A large scale world map (I saw one for about 9euros in Nature et Découvertes and yes I will admit it. I am pushed by the video of the almost 2 year old girl who knew her geography better then me!)
4) A high chair for her doll.
5) An AquaDoodle or Magna Doodle (preferably travel size)

And of course classics such as books and puzzles are also good.


Anonymous said...

So how's the cake coming along ?

Anonymous said...

Well, the cake base itself taste very good (if i can say so myself). Now I have to work on the icing and getting the darn ice-cream cones. I tried looking everywhere but they seem to be out in most supermarkets. GRRRR