Friday, June 30, 2006

Baby fashion show.

Just for fun..... I decided to play dressing up with my little model. I have to show off the new outfits I recently bought for my most precious baby.

Announcing the current most sought after runway model in her fashionable outfits.
Laetitia in her pretty Baby Dior dress.... looking oh so chic. :p

Following the latest craze for polka dots, here's our cutie pootootie in Kid Cool dress.

And finally, dressed in her daddy's favourite designer, Kenzo.

Can you tell that summer is definitely here in Paris? :p

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Shin! What a successful fashion show! ;)

laetitia is a real sweetheart - that's the fun thing abt baby girls.. can dress them up in pretty clothes!

It gets easier to manage them after 3 months as they fall into a routine. Then again, just when you think you're getting good at certain tasks, a new challenge will come along. This is what motherhood is allllllllll about!

It's been 15 mths for me and I'm still not used to being a full time stay home mummy! Maybe we never will, but that's what keeps us on our toes too I guess - we'll be really boring hosuewives should we get used to this so I say, it's a good thing!!

BTW, Laetitia is really tall! Enjoy her at this stage... when she starts to crawl, you'll have to crawl too!!! Ouch ouch... ;)