Friday, April 14, 2006

Baby and Mummy time.

In the last couple of days I have been trying to include a mummy and baby play and exercise time into our schedule. It is very simple. All I do is find a time when Laetitia is most alert and we would talk to each other. Errrr.... actually I would talk to her. I would tell her how much her papa and mummy love her and how precious she is etc. After some talking, I would put her on the tummy and proceed to lie next to her and then continue my "conversation" with her. Putting her on her tummy is suppose to help her exercise her neck muscles strength and quicken her ability to crawl.

I really enjoy this time spent as it seems more purposeful than the rest of the activities. And it is wonderful seeing her acknowledging our conversation with her smiles and different facial expressions. She might not understand what I am saying for now, but I think she could feel the love from the shared time.

Anyways, since I've not added new photos lately, here's some pics taken as we're lying in bed. I particularly love the one of my petite chouchou with her smile. It totally melts my heart.

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