Thursday, April 6, 2006

Sprayed with poo!

I have heard of babies spraying their caregivers with pee when they get a diaper change but not poo however today, my mum and I had the "honour" of being sprayed with poo! And LOTS of it! And of course the perpetrator is this cutie patootie Laetitia.

This happened when mum decided to check on Laetitia's diapers as my little chouchou has been behaving very restlessly and was fussy for a long time after a feeding session. Normally, Laetitia is quite easy to calm after a feed. Anyways, there was a very small amount of poo on the diaper and mum thought oh maybe that's why Laetitia was uncomfortable. As she lifted Laetitia's legs to remove the soiled diaper, all of a sudden, yellow mustardy seedy poo gush all and sprayed towards mum and I!!! I was lucky to avoid the poo but mum was not so fortunate. She had poo on her hands and pants! Eeeek! There was also poo on the quilt cover (we were changing her on the bed) and the floor. The whole scene was so hilarious that both my mum and I just burst out laughing. And of course quickly took some tissues, kitchen rolls, clothes etc to try to wipe the poo while at the same time clean Laetitia. We decided to stop the change in case there is more poo coming and just keep a clean sheet of kitchen roll on her bum. After a couple of minutes, we thought it's now safe to change and just as mum lifted Laetitia's legs again to remove the soiled items, there was another spray!!! AHHHHHH... this time, it went so far as to reach mum's luaggage which was slightly more than a meter away from the bed! What a mess! Well, that's it, there is poo all over the place now. Luckily the spray of poo did not reach her cot which was right next to mum's luaggage.

We finally managed to change her and clean up the entire place after another wait of about 10 mins. We were finally safe from the attack of the spraying poo!!! Actually, mum cleaned the entire mess and I only changed Laetitia's diaper.

And here's some pictures just because.....

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Anonymous said...

Well, I have not experienced "spraying poo" before... But shin's boy pooed on me before :) as I was carrying him!