Thursday, April 20, 2006

Card making.

This past few days has been relatively calm. Etienne had taken a couple of days off work and together with the long weekend, was home for 5 days. It was nice having him home helping to look after Laetitia and he also got to spend some quality time with his daughter. Some time was spent getting the administrative issues sorted out for Laetitia and in making cards! Etienne took some time to create "Thank You" cards for some local family and friends who had sent presents over for Laetitia. Initially we meant to get some "Thank You" cards and enclosed a photo of Laetitia but Etienne thought it'll be a good idea to design a customised card and what an awesome job he did! He spent quite a lot of time touching up the photo of Laetitia he wanted to use for the card and also incorporating the design of this blog into the card. This is the final result! What do you think?

Well, since I think it looks great and I really like it, I decided to use the same design for creating Laetitia's first month celebration invites too. Heehee, what a rip off. One design, many purpose! The hassle of it all was not creating the design but rather the printing itself. I spent majority of the card making time in setting up the alignment for printing and getting the printer to print on the cards itself. I probably did at least 10 or more test prints before everything was ready to go. This is what I eventually came up with. :-)

And the cards were finally sent out today. We are inviting only a handful of friends (we are expecting about 15 people for the celebration). I believe that 15 is an optimum number for the size of our apartment and also for Laetitia to not be overwhelmed with too many new faces around her. Mum will be making some red eggs and glutinous rice as per the traditions for "baby's full month" celebration back in Singapore. I will try to see if we can get some other traditional cakes in Chinatown this weekend. It'll be nice to keep some of our Chinese cultures here in Paris.

Well, I sure hope the little celebration will be a success. It's afterall Laetitia's first party!

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