Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Finally home.

We're home from the hospital! We spent 6 days in the hospital and I must say 6 days is a long time. They were thinking of keeping Laetitia and myself for another day but we prefer to be home. Laetitia has a little jaundice but it is very slight and the pediatrician gave the go ahead to check out.

The first couple of days was relatively stressful for me as I was trying to breastfeed exclusively and had choosen to have Laetitia room in with me all the time. However, since I had a c-section, it was impossible for me to move out of the bed and so trying to get to her when she cried involved calling the nurse. It was a stressful first couple of days with breastfeeding and then supplementing and trying to switch back to exclusive breastfeeding. However, we have worked that all out and I think Laetitia and I have found a good pace for each other.

We have spent our first 24hrs at home and I am so happier to be back home. At least I have my mum to help me and she has been a great blessing to us. Laetitia is also such a darling. I do think though that she has her days and nights mixed up. She would sleep for 2-3 hours stretches in the day after her milk but needs every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs feed in the night! Hopefully we will get that part sorted out soon too.

So anyways, here are a few more pictures of our petite chouchou.

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