Friday, April 14, 2006

Laetitia's first day out

Today we decided to take Laetitia out for her first trip out of the house. She was taken out of the house briefly last Sunday when we went to Jean's (Etienne's granddad) house for dinner but that does not really count as a trip since it was only across the street and it takes less than 5 mins from door to door.

Initially we wanted to take her to the park but changed our minds and decided to make a trip to the hospital since we had some administrative issues regarding my stay during Laetitia's birth to settle.

As today is rather cold and windy, we bundled Laetitia up in many layers. She had a bodies on, a fitting jacket and finally a coat on. I also covered her up in a fleece blanket for extra protection against the elements. She was being fussy in the apartment as it must have been a touch too warm for her in those layer in the house. In my hurry to get her out, I totally forgot to take a picture of her in her stroller. Once we were out, Laetitia stopped crying. She kind of enjoyed being pushed in the stroller and also the slightly chilling weather. It was a lot more windy than I had expected and for a moment I was wondering if we made a wrong choice taking her out today. What if she catches a chill? I did my best to try to block the wind when it is a little too strong. Laetitia did not seem to be too bothered though. Anyways, we went to the hospital, settled whatever we had to deal with and then proceeded to walk back. We made a quick stop at a small park just mins from our place before going home. Just as we left the park, our little chouchou started to get upset again and proceeded to cry. It was time for her feed! We hasten our pace and once home, Etienne proceeded to quickly remove her layers while I got myself ready for her feeding.

Once the breast was in her little mouth, she was happy and contented. :-)

And I think my little darling enjoyed her stroll today. She slept well in the afternoon and evening. Now that I know there is a park so near to our apartment, I think I will try to take her out for walks at least once every other day. It would be much nicer for her to be out enjoying some sun or even wind than to be cooped up at home all the time.

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