Thursday, April 27, 2006

First doctor's visit.

I bought my little baby to the paediatrician for her first doctor's visit today. All went well at the clinic. Dr Béatrice DiMascio was recommended in the Message Mothers Support Group (an English speaking mothers support group that I joined here in Paris) medical register, is very friendly and I do like her. More importantly, she speaks English. At the end of the day, I am more comfortable conversing in English and I want to be sure that I communicate the right information to the doctor. It might not be as important for routine visits but it will be crucial when there are emergencies.

Today's visit is a scheduled baby's first month appointment. It is to check that baby is growing well. Well, everything is fine though there are just some little issues which are common for babies her age.

The Dr Béatrice DiMascio checked the following:-

1) Heart/Lungs - Good

2) Throat/Mouth - Good

3) Tummy - There was a lot of air which she said is very usual for babies up to three months. an anti-wind/gas medication is prescribed.

4) Bum - There was some redness due to Laetitia's poo being very watery which burns her baby sensitive skin. Some antiseptic solution, powder and cream are prescribed.

5) Weight - She is now 4.10kg. She put on 620g from her birth weight of 3.48kg

6) Length - She is now 56cm. She grew 5cm from her birth length of 51cm

7) Head circumference - Her head circumference is now 37.5cm. Her head is bigger by 3cm from her birth measurement of 34.5cm.

Dr Béatrice DiMascio also tested her joints, mobility etc and said everything is well. Since we are going to be travelling to Singapore around June/July period, Laetitia has also been scheduled for her first vacination (BCG) in about a month's time so that she could have her injection before we leave.

I was also told that if I have any questions, I could call her. It is reassuring to know that there is someone I can call if I had any immediate medical concerns for Laetitia. I was also given some advise regarding breastfeeding. All in all, the visit went very well and I can safely say that I am comfortable with Dr Béatrice DiMascio being Laetitia's paediatrician.

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