Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alone with Laetitia.

My mummy left Paris to go back to Singapore last Friday. Over the weekend, Etienne was around to help me with Laetitia but yesterday and today, I was left to my own devices. It has been a very different experience! Right now, I appreciate even more the help that my mum has given us over the last 8 weeks.

Yesterday was really tough for me. There was so much to do aside from feeding, changing, bathing and entertaining my little princess as on top of it all, she had three explosive poos that overflowed. The first was in the morning when she woke up. As I carried her to be nursed, I realised that her clothes were wet and her bed was stained with pee and poo. So I had to change her, nurse her and then proceed to change the sheets on the cot. After that, I had to pre-treat her clothes to remove the poo before putting them into the washing machine. The second time was milder and I only had to wash her bum and back under running water and then change her. However, after washing her, she pooed more on the nappy which I then had to wash and soak manually. The third time was another messy situation where I had to wash and change her again. And this time, her pants, bodies and even the change mat was stained with poo. So I had to scrub and soak those clothes. By the time I was done with the third massive poo session, I was exhausted!

And of course I was also trying to make sure that I get dinner ready for when Etienne comes home. It was definitely not an easy day.

Today is MUCH better! For one, Laetitia slept well overnight so that means that I am well rested too. She slept from 10pm to about 5am for a feed and then until 9.30am. After a good night of sleep, I was ready to tackle the day. On top of that, she did not have overflowing diapers today. So, everything went nicely, we even manage to go out for a couple of hours. We went to check out the halte garderie (infant care) where I intend to place her for a couple of afternoons a week to give myself some space and time to do my own stuff. We also went to Opera to meet her daddy. Etienne has bible study tonight and by the time he comes home, his little girl will be sleeping so I thought it would be nice for him to see her a little in the day. After that, we came home.

My little chouchou has also been spending some time on the Tiny Love gymini these last couple of days. She is starting to get the hang of playing with the toys. Previously, she would cry after being put on it for 5 to 10 mins. Now she could happily stay on the gymini for about 15 mins. Today she attempted to touch the giraffe and she was staring at herself in the mirror too. Here some pictures of her playing on the gymini.

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