Sunday, May 7, 2006

First time in church.

We have been waiting to go to church together as a family and it finally happened today. There was a lot in terms of logistics to consider in making the trip to church as our church is not located very close to us nor the metro station. It is about 10-15 mins walk away (depending on one's speed). Since there are 4 of us, Mummy, Etienne, Laetitia and I, we decided to take the cab there and back. As we were taking the cab, we had to take the car seat with us. Then there is the consideration of whether to bring the stroller along. Etienne had initially thought that the stroller would be a good idea but I felt that bringing the Baby Bjorn carrier is more practical. Eventually we took the car seat and the carrier.

Everyone in church was very welcoming towards us. Laetitia received lots of compliments. Pastor John even welcomed Laetitia as the newest member of Elim Church during the announcements time. My baby girl was very well-behaved in church, falling asleep during the praise and worship time. I think she loves praising and worshiping our Lord. Just before the sermon started, she got a little fussy as it was a tad too warm in the room for her. I took her out to the kitchen where it was cooler and she immediately calmed down. Eventually it was also time to breastfeed her. After feeding her, I tried to bring her back into the hall a couple of times but was unsuccessful. I missed most of the sermon since I spent majority of our time outside in the kitchen with her. However, I did manged to fellowship with one of our church members in the kitchen as she was preparing food for after the service.

It was great taking her to church and spending time in church as a family. We are also thinking of doing a Dedication for Laetitia in church. It is an act where us, the parents dedicate our child to the Lord. Etienne will talk to Pastor John about it on Tuesday.

Finally it was time to go home. We did some grocery shopping before proceeding to try to find a taxi. It was really a hassle getting a cab from that area. We eventually found a cab after walking about 15 mins to the nearest metro station. I think for next week, we will try to take the number of the nearest taxi stand and call a cab from church before we leave. That will eliminate a lot of the stress that I was feeling while we were searching for a cab today.

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