Thursday, May 4, 2006

Laetitia WANTS to be carried.

All babies cry, some more and some less. Babies cry when they are hungry, upset, needs a cuddle, are uncomfortable (e.g. wet/dirty nappies, too hot, too cold) etc. There are many reasons why babies cry. Sometimes babies cry for attention, they just want their mummy or daddy to carry them, hold them close. Laetitia is a very pleasant baby who mainly cries when she is hungry, has a very wet/dirty diaper, is too hot (she dislike the heat) or sometimes when she wants to be held.

This is a typical day when she is bored after lying on the bed and playing for a relatively long time (according to the attention span of a baby, a couple of minutes is long) and she is starting to fuss and wants to be carried. BUT, when I refuse to carry her immediately, this is what happens...

"Mummy! I want you to carry me! Now!"
"Oh Mummy, you want to take photos of me? Let me look cute first!"

"Ok Mummy, that's enough now. I'm starting to get upset again..." (check out the start of a frown on her forehead.)

"Now I am really upset."
"I'm going to cry loudly!"
"Mummy, please....."

Okay, Mummy finally gives up and carries her little darling. And once again, the house is calm and everything is good.

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