Friday, May 12, 2006

Baby massage class

Yesterday we went for a baby massage class called "Toucher, Porter et Masser", meaning Touch, Carry and Massage. The class is held in a place called "L'ecole des Parents" which translate to School for Parents. It is a very interesting place with lots of different types of classes for babies and parents or toddlers and parents to attend together. For the baby massage class, it is spread over two Wednesdays, this week and next week.

There are 4 babies altogether in the class. Age ranging from 6 weeks (Laetitia) to about 4 months. It was nice to be with other parents and share information about how the babies are developing. We were taught how to massage our babies and helping them in their muscles development.

About an hour into the class, one of the babies, Clara, started crying. Her mum explained that it was her nap time and she was getting grouchy from the lack of sleep. A couple of minutes after Clara started crying, a second baby started crying and then the third baby started wailing too. all the other babies, except for Laetitia, were crying. My little girl was just lying on her mat enjoying the massage her mummy was giving her. The other mothers were commenting later as some of the other babies quieten down that Laetitia is a very calm baby. And I totally agree with them. My little girl is a very pleasant baby. Of course she does cry and fusses but it's usually for very valid reasons, e.g. she is hungry or uncomfortable or bored. However, she is rather easy to calm too. Clara cried on and off fo a very long time and it did evetually got to Laetitia and she started crying too. However, I did manage to stop her from crying for any prolong time (that means she did not cry at any time for more than a couple of minutes).

In the end, the class had to be shortened slightly as the instructor was unable to find a moment where all four babies were ready to continue. We did learn how to massage our babies legs, hands, arms and tummy though. Next week we will continue with the face and backs. I am definitely looking forward to the next class.

Today, I practiced massaging my darling just before giving her night feed and putting her to bed. I think she enjoyed it and it helped her fall asleep more easily.

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