Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My courageous girl.

Today my little baby got her first vaccination shot, the BCG. I was given a patch to be used on Laetitia 1 hour before the doctor's appointment. The patch is supposed to reduce the pain she will feel from the injection. It is basically a local anesthetics cream. It was also interesting that we had to buy our own vaccination from the pharmacy, though prescribed by the pediatrician beforehand. Well, things work differently in this country.

At 2pm, I applied the patch onto Laetitia's underarm area since the appointment was at 3pm. I decided to feed her before we leave the house as I remember reading somewhere that babies that has been fed before taking a jab feel less pain. Not too sure where I read it from or maybe I just made it up. I do know that it is encouraged to nurse babies after the injection to soothe and comfort them. Well, we made our way to the pediatrician’s office and waited some time before seeing her. I must say my baby girl is very courageous when she was given the vaccination. She cried for a brief moment of about 2 seconds! I am so proud of her. I know I say that all the time but I am really very proud of my daughter.

During the appointment, she was also checked, weighed and measured by the doctor. I saw the look of surprise on Dr. DiMascio's face when she measured Laetitia's length. She has grown 4cm since the last appointment 3 weeks ago. That is quite a lot! She measures the same as an average 3 months old and she is not even 2 months old yet!

Here are the specs of her growth:-
Weight = 4.850kg (3 weeks ago was 4.100kg and birth was 3.480kg)
Length = 60cm (3 weeks ago was 56cm and birth was 51cm)
Head circumference = 39cm (3 weeks ago was 37.5cm and birth was 34.5cm)

I think my baby will grow up to be tall like her daddy.

Here's some photos from today.

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Anonymous said...

yeah ! go mommy! go
i love you so much: yeah!
she is so so cute , doing the 'yeah'.
this is a great photo